Everything Explained

Product Help

This page will help guide all types of product users on how to effectively use Crebit. More tutorials will continually be added for your convenience.

Getting Started !

A brief tutorial on how to get up and running with your new account in Crebit. Topics covered include form configuration, claims, approvals & reporting.

Quick Debit

Want to record a transaction without having to fill in a list of details. This video will show how QD works and how you can get started right a way. You’ll love it !

Print & Export

You have collected all of that data but want to know how to extrapolate all that information. Here’s a guide on how you can export as a CSV file or PDF generated reports.

Making Transactions

A more descriptive tutorial on what the different transaction types are and how you can make them.


A guide on how you can effectively manage your expenses through our simple claim approval module.


Become a bookkeper and start earning. This video tutorial is a training video to help get you started.