Introducing CGPT

Your very own personalized digital accountant that helps keep your business and its books in order

It's Complex

Business Transactions can be spread around and difficult to track and control.

So we Simplified it

By breaking down business accounting to its core components 

+$ 0

What goes in

Cash Spent (Debits)

-$ 0

Must come out

Cash Earned (Credits)

At the point of action

We call these nodes which can be any object that earns or spends funds

simple but unique

Each employee, supplier, customer and Account in a company can be represented as a node. Allowing transactions to be channeled to and from individual users separately. Each Node can make a debit transaction (purchase or transfer) to and receive credit from other users. This allows traceability, a simpler process and easier monitoring.

So you can have it all !

We Packed a range of complementary features with Crebit to match what you need

Easy Upload

Upload an expenditure claim just by uploading a receipt picture. Quick debit will automatically Transcribe


See the most important trends and changes in your business live. Quarterly spending, Tax closure and more!


Generate printable expense vouchers, Profit/Loss statement and more...

Claim Management

Track how your users are spending and control claim approvals and rejection.

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