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What makes Crebit great!

Crebit is a simplifed tool for expense management. It packs a range of features with minimal UI complexity and maintains its focus on accurate and refined data capture.

Organic Auto Scan

Crebit comes with a unique automated receipt scanning tool with 99% accurate scanning results for even hand written receipts

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Receipt Storage

If an organization requires, receipt pictures can be attached to expense claims making approval processes streamlined and archiving detailed.

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Expense Approvals

All expense claims must go through an approval process. Claims are analysed for duplications and accuracy of data for easy approval.

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Create instant reports with an extensive range of filters to select from. Export in Predesign PDF formats or CSV files

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VAT & Audit Ready

Includes feature for Audit Reports and VAT Configuration based on valued accountant guidelines.

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User to User Transfer

Allow your users to track and record transfer of funds to other users on the platform.

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How it works?

Credit packs a range of features but here's a simplified working principle.

Submit a Claim

All users registered under a company account can submit Expense claims to company Admins & Supervisors. Users may manually enter all claim details or simply upload receipt pictures via the Quick debit feature.

Await Expense Approval

Company Admins and Supervisors have the privilege to validate and review a claimed expense. They may reject for resubmission or Approve for reimbursements.

Track Reimbursements

Reimbursements are simple. Company Admins can utilise the credit feature to submit records of funds transfer to users and automatically update their Account Balance.


Create printable PDF expense vouchers for Audits or export data in CSV or Excel format. Use Visualisation tools such as Power Bi or Tableau to create limitless insights from the data.

Understand Spending

Spot Trends & Opportunities

Generate Reports and Analysis with compatible applications such as Power Bi and MS Excel. 

Work smart

Focus on what's important.

Delegate time consuming expense filling exercises. Let us handle it!

Be Transparent

Let there be light.

Allow all employees to be fully transparent on expenditure and reimbursements.

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