Hello I'm Dan 👋
Your AI Accountant

Imagine if you could speak to your software instead of clicking buttons. 

Dan is an intelligent chatbot powered by leading NLP and ML Algorithms, to deliver accounting features with simplicity.

1. Enquire Balance

2. Check Status

3. Get a report

Always Awake, Intelligent & ready to Assist

Ask the most basic questions in natural language or complex tasks such as generating a report

Don’t Stop there!

4. Let Dan create!

Unlike conventional chatbots that can only receive and present information for you, Dan can actually create information. Simply indicate to Dan that you would like to submit a claim and respond to his questions. 


Old is New

Accounting tools have been with us for a very long time. They date back to 833CE when Al-Khwarizmi developed Algebra and introduced the double entry bookkeeping system. 

The Accountants at the time and tools were great and all a merchant or lord had to do is talk to his personal bookkeeper.

As time passed, the tools become complex and the knowledge gap between an Owner and Accountants grew.

Now we want to bring back the 8th Century simplicity for owners with the complexity of the 21st Century

A flavor for everyone

Although we pride ourselves with the creation of Dan, we also developed an innovative and fully functioning web interface. Choose however you like to interact with the application.

Just the Beginning!

More features being developed

Expense Management (Ready)

A complete expense management solution with approval system and quick receipt scans

Quotation System (Learning)

An intelligent system to generate quotations & estimates on the go through chatbot or web interface

Invoice System (Learning)

Get your payments on time. An integrated invoice generation system including payment link generation.

Retail Solution (Learning)

integration with POS systems to connect Dan. Easily get your key retail insights and reports through chat.

Dan's Waiting!

Create an account for free and experience the next generation of accounting!