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Snap and Go!

Reporting and transcribing expense data is a time consuming and non productive activity. There is always a lack of willingness to capture and record data accurately and with the advent of non-function AI driven auto scanners this problem is far from resolved. 

So we set out to solve this problem and came up with the Quick Debit feature. Powered by Organic Intelligence*, the feature offers a Chauffeur service for bookkeeping. How do you use it?

Step 1. Upload a Picture

You can upload a receipt on Mobile devices directly by taking picture or upload from you Album or Archive. The drag and drop feature on desktop allows you to upload multiple pages in one go. 

Step 2. Fill in category details

Choose from a customisable set of categories to sort your receipts and add a remark for future reference.

Step 3. There isn't one !

The rest will all be handled by our expert book keepers and all your personal information will be kept hidden from any book keeper. The receipt will automatically be forwarded for approval to your company admin and you can track this at any stage.

For pricing details please contact support or Request for a quotation from the top right hand corner.

*Organic Intelligence. The term organic intelligence here refers to the use of Human intelligence that we have depended on for centuries. Human resource is used in the most responsible manner and only qualified and trained book keepers are utilise to deliver work.