Automate your workflow

Crebit packs a range of features that collectively aim to enhance your organisation by giving it the digitalisation bump is needs.

Built for teams

Ideal for Medium and small organisations. Live data and stats for Finance managers & CEO's

Modern Aesthetic

A highly adaptable look that's simple. UI complexity has been reduce to appeal to all users.


Monitor & Control


for easy access and history 


for flexibility and extrapolation


for maximum privacy


Expense Approvals

An expense claim is of no true value until it's validated. We have observed how organisation have year on year struggled to retain accurate data making it of utmost importance to our Expense Management application.

Full Claim Overview

You have the ability to review each expense in a single page. Each expense detail is carefully positioned for a logical order to make for a quick but detailed review.

Pre Processed recommendations

Predefined indicators have been included to provide results from useful checks such as Duplication and  Conformance to VAT Standards. Enabling even faster but accurate reviewing of claims.

Claim Insights

As an added feature, each expense will include generated insights such as records of previous claims by users and their approval status. These insights will help determine spending patterns and legitimacy of expense.



This feature enables flexibility for a wide range of data analytic tools and to adapt to current record keeping norms.

Multiple Filters 

The reporting tools includes a range of filters that can be used in any combination to obtain the required output. 

Export as Excel

To enable compatibility with a variety of analytic tools such as Power BI or Tableau, all data can be exported in Excel or CSV format.

Export as PDF Vouchers

Using an approved accountant format, each expense claim can be exported as a PDF voucher. These can be used for archiving and Auditing Purpose.


Receipt Storage

All uploaded data will be archived and easily searchable. This is a key feature of Crebit which has proved extremely useful for Engineers & Bidders who are able to access past records of prices and cost for accurate projections.

Search by Keyword

Keywords found in claim description can easily be picked up and traced.

Search by Category & Date

View expense by category and date filters as well. 

And many more.....

Crebit has been crafted with meticulous detail that envelops for a seamless experience overall. A range of features have been implemented that ensure data capturing and handling is kept Secure and flawlessly accurate.

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  • Quick Debit

    Our most innovative feature. Quick debit allows users to skip past the expense form filling process to a fully self catered snap and go process.

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  • User to User Transfer

    Funds within an organisation may be transferred between employees and users. This feature enables a simple transfer system with a user verification system.

  • VAT & Tax

    Crebit has been built around the Tax systems of a wide range of countries. It allows VAT & Tax to be separately accounted for and made ready for Timely Audits.